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Going to a random house, introducing themselves and then they start to share the love of Jesus. Scorching sun and pouring rain is not enough to stop them. Sometimes, they struggle through the mud and some of the houses are surrounded by water with a narrow bamboo lane. Woman ministers could not even concern themselves about beauty or appearance. Most of the ministers got their skin sunburnt. The buses are always overcrowded and very hot. Rev. Kyaw Kyaw, head of evangelism department, has no leg but he usually takes the bus to South Dagon and preach the Gospel because taking taxi would be too costly. The temperature during summer is between 36 to 39 degreeCelsius and someone always has to carry him. It must be very difficult and annoying for the both of them to deal with the sweating under the scorching sun. That is the way it is. Every minister encounters lots of struggles, for example transportation or financial shortage. One of the ministers said, “Some houses welcome us and the gospel but some don’t. Sometimes, we got kicked out when we start to share the gospel.” In some places, they even got warnings from the local authorities.

Full Gospel Assembly Church has been sending minister teams to 25 mission outreach areas, they are Hlawka, MhawBi, Htuak Kyant, Danyingone, East Dagon, North Okalapa, Insein, Mayangone, North Dagon, Shante, Laydauntkan, Kyisu, South Dagon 70-71, South Dagon 56-69, Daw Pone (Tarkayta), South Okalapa, Hlaing Thar Yar, Dala, NyaungYua, Alatchaung, Tamada Beach, SeitKyi and Hleku. These places are just outside of Yangon, poor and undeveloped areas.

The Church sends ministers to their respective outreach areas three days in a week. FGBT students join with them and learn to preach the gospel every Saturday. On Wednesday and Thursday, they go and follow up the new converts. Every Saturday, the Church bus leaves at 8:30 am but it could not take them to their respective destinations. They are dropped off midway. Some go on by foot, some take trishaw or other means.

It is always a challenge to go to places with no local Christian family because they have to start from the scratch. In some places, there are already local Christian family. So, things are a lot easier because they can reach the people with Gospel through the local family. Some unimpressed people remarked, “All right! Christianity is a good religion.” There are always a few people who are really against the Gospel.

Rev. Kyaw Kyaw shared one of his experiences with a man who said bluntly, “Jesus came into this world. It’s good but I don’t believe him.” Some of the people have never heard about Jesus and they were interested though they did not accept immediately. There are some who accept immediately because someone have planted the Gospel seed in them earlier. In some places, it is very difficult to ask for permission to enter the house because of some tragic incident: an old couple got murdered by a stranger.

Those who share the Gospel also step aside their shame and seize whatever opportunity they have. To preach the Gospel is the duty of every believer but choosing to believe or not is up to them. One of the most important things one must always remember is clothing, for example wearing trousers or neckties would not be suitable in some places.

New believers must be led step by step into the knowledge of the word of God and Christian faith. A new believer once saw some women shouting and dancing during a fasting and prayer meeting and she commented, “Christian ‘nat’ (god) is powerful indeed.” When new converts join the Church service, they need to be explained little by little about these things; communion, giving, praising, preaching or even shouting ‘Hallelujah’. And when conducting a worship service with new believers, it is best to avoid some main Church service activities, such as speaking in tongues or prophetic worship. They also need to be taught to pray in ‘Jesus’ name. Whatever they don’t understand, it must be taught little by little. Sharing the Gospel is not the end of the story, the hard part is taking care of sheep, new believers. And the ministers in the Church are sharing the Gospel because of the love of God. Without the love of God, it could be a very difficult job.

When Jesus came into the world, there was no place for him to be born except the manger. He did not have any worldly wealth nor did he pursue them. He sacrificed his life for the whole world to be saved. This is the good news, the Gospel that Jesus commanded His disciples to preach to the whole world.

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