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Aung Pan Mission

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“We have received a new guitar for Praise and Worship. After that, we also got another type of sewing machine and 20 sets of chairs. We are very grateful and thankful”, said the Pastor. His name is Tual Za Kim, Kim Pu. His parents are U Cin Khaw Kam and Daw Ngek Za Awi. He is the eighth son among the nine children. He was born in Dolluang village, Tedim township on 7 February, 1977. He grew up and finished High School from Tedim. When he turned 16, he went to MaiSho to work in the mines because mining was so popular then. While he was still working in the mines, he became a slave to drugs, a drug addict.

One night, while he was still a serious drug addict, he had an unusual dream. In his dream, he met Jesus and He warned him, “Son, if you do not repent and turn away, you will not go to heaven.” When he asked Jesus to take him along, he heard Jesus said, “You must be changed first” and he woke up. A month later he dreamt again that Jesus had come back and that the earth was trembled and shaken. This time, the dream actually frightened him a lot but he did not change. Later, he was appointed as youth leader in MaiSho R.A.G Church and yet he was till the same. After that, he was yet again appointed as a deacon. He was still a slave to drugs as always and eventually his life was destroyed miserably.

Khanti Mission

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"We were attacked by the enemy as we began to worship God and preach the Gospel. Our neighbor started to swear at us. Someone even reported us to the person in charge of religion in the area." Khanti is situated in the northern part of Myanmar, Sagaing Division and in the west of Kachin State. It is a small city with 6000 households. The people living there are gold panners, miners and farmers. Most of the people are from Naga ethnic group. There are also Khandi Shan, Chin, Chinese, Burmese and Kachin people.

Worship Services

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    Youth (Saturday)
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    Church School
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Every Sunday, we have 3 Worship Services;

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